Crazy Speed Arcade goes Super

arcadehero January 5, 2011 1

At IAAPA 2010 I had a chance to check out Crazy Speed Arcade for the first time at the UNIS booth. They had four units setup there, two in English and two in Spanish. It appears that the company who developed the CSA software released an enhanced version of the game earlier last year in China called Super Crazy Speed Arcade.

The Super version of the game currently isn’t listed on UNIS’s website but I did find a picture of the game being tested at a UNIS booth at some exhibition in China. As far as I can tell, the new version of the game adds more tracks, cars and updated graphics (which you can see above – it’s looking pretty nice) on top of all the other content the game originally had. For now the Super version is going to be limited to China;  the original (non-super) version will be released in the twin format for the North American and European markets in the first part of this year and that leaves the possibility open for upgrades down the road in those same markets.

For the curious, you can visit the official Super Crazy Speed Arcade website here(Chinese).

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