Triangle Services/ Sega bringing Love Arcade to AOU2012 + Flying Robots

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Triangle Services/ Sega bringing Love Arcade to AOU2012 + Flying Robots

As mentioned yesterday, news will be trickling out about the upcoming AOU 2012 event in Japan that takes place in about two weeks and today Sega opened up some of their plans as to what they are going to show off. Keep in mind that none of the companies reveal everything in advance so we can expect more soon.

For the most part it fits into what we already discussed but there is something new and unexpected that they will show off, Triangle Services “Love Arcade” (as it happens to be translated. Perhaps it should be Arcade Love, judging by the game style). At first I thought this would be another date sim type game but it actually is a small collection of space shmup mini-games for four players. It sounds like they are targeting it towards kids in testing their shooting skills (without going full bullet hell on them). The graphics aren’t anything exciting and it seems like the kind of thing they would keep in Japan unless a ticket dispenser was slapped onto it. Triangle had been responsible for another multiplayer game with crude graphics that seems to have been canceled – the 8-player Pengo game from some time ago. I still think that would have been a viable product with a unique cocktail cabinet and improved graphics.

Sega AOU 2012 Site

The next part is Newsfeed 1164 via The Stinger Report Story via

In other news of the “slightly related” realm, here is a video of some flying robots (Nano Quadrotors to be more specfic) made by the GRASP Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania. While it immediately conjures up images of classic arcade games like Galaga I also think of actual arcade application of such devices. If they could be developed to a point where they can lift off by themselves and self-charge properly, you could make a very interesting EM arcade game out of it, a Real Galaga of sorts. You could have real obstacles for them to hide behind that move, all you would need at that point is to come up with a convincing way to fire at them and them at you. I’m sure sure a thing would be years off since we are still waiting for other, somewhat less complicated robotic arcade games to finally make it out into public but it’s an idea for the future.


  1. CHR2002 February 8, 2012 at 7:10 am - Reply

    “Love Arcade” is the follow-up to “Shmups Skill Test”, a collection of STG minigames which test your shooting skills. It’s not geared towards kids, but was regularly frequented by STG enthusiasts in Japan. “Shmups Skill Test” also found a release on the Xbox360 (as part of the “Shooting Love 200X” collection).

    • arcadehero February 8, 2012 at 11:10 am - Reply

      According to the descriptions on their website, they say that this particular Love Arcade is supposed to be targeting kids in Japan

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