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Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead

Devolver Digital has released a new surprise:
An arcade exclusive lightgun game involving Enter the Gungeon. Utilizes all actions by the light gun and supports 2 player cooperative.


Here is the video trailer:

I did get a little more info on this, but not enough to do a separate post about.


At the moment the dungeons are not procedural, but they are aiming to do so, since that is a big selling point of the PC game it’s based on.

“The targets on the sides are for “dodge rolling.” The target mechanic is our current best attempt at keeping that specific gameplay element in Enter the Gungeon intact.”

No answers on the gun tracking system yet.


Will post more when I have it!


The first link posted is to the Sinden Light Gun. Cool to see this component is being iterated on.

Cabinet trailer:

I’ll be disappointed with no procedural dungeons. Black Emperor by Bumble Bear is using procedural dungeons and I hope to see more games do this.

Desktop Gungeon game had a huge variety of weapons I hope they can get some of that in the arcade.

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