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Hamster Arcade Archive (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

I wanted to bring that topic up because for many of the arcade games that cannot be produced commercially on original hardwire or arcade equivalent through licensing, we have the next best thing that is purchasing the games on consoles: PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

I have purchased a few titles and the nice features added for some replay are the save/load states, high score run, and 5 minute caravan, with the very latter being big on optimizing play.

For shooting games like Omega Fighter, Alpha Mission II, Last Resort, it seems decent enough to play on the analog joystick due to a dead-zone requirement, even if occasionally finicky. I usually do not like d-pads unless they are for games that are not omni-directional.


Fact: Did you know that Exa Arcadia is listed as partner for the release of Sky Skipper for Nintendo Switch since the founder ShouTime is a hardcore arcade preservationist in addition to being an expert in global arcade markets.


Feel free to share your thoughts on Hamster Arcade Archive.

On the Exa note, ShouTime did mention that process to me when I talked with him at CAX. He’s the whole reason Nintendo got their hands on SS, which is a pretty neat find.

I have not played the Hamster Archive yet, but I have some of the Arcade Archive games on Switch and have owned arcade compilations on different systems over the years (the three Midway Arcade Treasures releases on Xbox…that Atari one that also was on Xbox, but I forget the name…the Metal Slug compilation on Wii). While I’m not a fan of current arcade ports in some instances due to being an operator, for these classics I do enjoy them (and their home releases don’t ever seem to affect how the arcade does, in the case of Neo Geo games I’ve had around).

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