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Neon Nemesis by Toasty Titans (Pseudo Arcade-like speed racer Players vs Nemesis)

Recently at GDC, there was a game that caught my attention at the GDC expo’s alt.ctrl.GDC section, featuring a game that consist of the 4 player side that they race to the finish; with the other being the nemesis inside the hidden booth that controls the traps onscreen through different gadgets. I played this game and seems to draw a good crowd of people there.

Here is the video trailer that showcases the game:

Also the official website with the game project:


What are your impressions with this game?


I wished there is a video pop-up from the link so people can see this embedded.

Hmm, really weird on the YouTube links here…not sure what the deal is there, so I’ll have to research.

But yeah, this is a cool idea. Kind of like Runbow with the nemesis idea applied to it. With some tweaking, this could become another great indie arcade title.


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