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Retro MultiCade Thread

You know that there are various arcade machines that offer lots of retro game titles in one machine and you have to go through a list to pick your favorite. Those types of games are very prevalent today starting from Ultracade all they way to Pandora’s Box series. Almost all the games in those multi-cade boxes have titles that go from 1980’s all the way to late 1990’s and early 2000’s

The obvious pro is that it is affordable for nostalgia arcade operators to buy and insert it to any cabinets.

The obvious con is that the emulation quality of the games are mixed, ranging from off-tune audio and frame-rate drops to bad graphical glitches, inout delay, and even not booting up.


Feel free to discuss anything about your experiences with those multicade game machines.

The cabs I have the most experience with are the Arcade Legends 3 and any of the Pac-Man multigame systems that Namco sells. They all seem to have decent emulation, nothing that I would get too picky about. One of these days I wouldn’t mind an Arcade Legends 3 and a Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Chill…although the rumors of an Arcade Legends 4 persist. Just not sure what they might do differently from the AL3.

The 60-in-1 boards that are super popular though, those are garbage. 😛 I’ve not heard many stories of those lasting very long, and the few that show up on location don’t seem to earn very well (any time you have a massive selection of games on a public machine, it confuses casuals, so they don’t play).

So, not to be a pirate or anything, but I do own a 60-in-1 Multicade and operate it in a local restaurant. Do I like it? No, but I bought it two years ago and want it to pay itself off so I can promptly sell it.

I like the idea of Multicades a lot, and it’s baffling to me that Bandai Namco is the only company willing to attempt the concept. Sega could easily do it, too–but alas, they do not. (I also miss the “duo” games of the 90’s, like Maxium Force/Area 51 and NFL Blitz/NBA Showtime.)

As a way to preserve a selection of 60 arcade games in a semi-pure form, I’m really not against Multicades. I really enjoyed mine when I had it in my garage. At least we have two legal options, as you said: AL3 and Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash.

I’m glad you mentioned that bit about the large selection being too much for casual players to handle. To me–someone who’s, you know, not a complete nimrod–a larger selection is considerably BETTER. I sometimes forget how stupid people can be.

In my experience, most 60-in-1 Multicades are pretty much the same rodeo every time I see one. I’m hoping to get rid of mine as soon as possible, because I understand it’s the mark of a bad operator. I am more than willing to admit that shortcoming. (But keep in mind, I’m still in the “Craigslist/eBay” stage of buying games.)

One thing I love about my Multicade is how it exposed me to new games. Shao-lin’s Road and Gun.Smoke are all-time favorites of mine only because I first found them “illegally”.

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