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WrestleMania is no longer turning on

Hey, everybody. I’m back.

So I have this WrestleMania in great condition, right? And on Monday, it’s working perfectly fine. So when I take it to my game room on Wednesday, it no longer powers on.

It doesn’t do that Midway “ding” or make any noises or show any response of any kind. I was very sad.

However, I figured some epic gamers out there might be able to help me. I’m thinking it’s the power supply, but I also…don’t know where to find another.

I’m new to this arcade tech stuff, haha.

I will try to attach photos in a second post.

As mentioned in another message, I would first look at the fuse in the “brick” transformer, as there usually is such a thing that can blow. I would also check and see if the switching power supply is getting power (5v and 12v).

It’s rare, but sometimes the power cord itself can become shorted out


We checked the fuse and it was still good. We tested the voltage and tried to get a pulse from the transformer but it seemed pretty much out of juice. However, we’re going to unbolt it and see if we can get a better look at it.

Since I’m most likely now in the market for a 1995 Midway transformer, does anyone know where I could even find such a thing? I’ve looked on eBay and haven’t yet found one that’s just like what I’ve got. Old arcade games are so ridiculously proprietary that parts can be an issue once the manufacturer goes under.

Thanks again, Adam. I know I sent you the pictures so you’ve got the best idea of what’s happening. Do all Midway transformers work for pretty much any game?

Here are a few items I found that might work. But I’m also not super sure how interchangeable the parts are. It’s an absolute mess of cords in there.

Is the transformer a smaller part that actually plugs into that power block on the “floor” of the cabinet? Sorry, I’m really new to electronics troubleshooting, haha.

We’ll see how this goes. House of the Dead is now working (and it’s one of my favorite games!!!), so I’ll at least have three out of four drawing quarters next month.

Also, I look at the power supply. It looked pretty good.

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