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Konami's Action Detective Heads to location test

Shaggy November 25, 2007 0

[Via The Stinger Report] (Click on the image above to enlarge) Since I first heard about this a month or two ago I have been eager to find out more about Konami’s new 3D

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Otomedius launched in Japan

Shaggy October 16, 2007 1

  I almost missed this earlier today. Konami’s latest well-endowed anime girl shooter is now available in Japan, bringing with it side-scrolling shmup action – along with a touch screen. The chances of seeing

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The Stinger Report takes a look at Action Detective and EA buying Konami?

Shaggy October 10, 2007 0

[The Stinger Report] In addition to Sega’s titles that The Stinger Report got their hands on they also have reported on a few titles that in the the works by other Japanese arcade developers.

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AMOA 2007 Reports from Barcade

Shaggy October 5, 2007 0

Finally, a detailed report of what when on at AMOA 2007. Next year I plan on going there myself, but wasn’t able to this year. The reviews come from Barcade.com and focus on a

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'Action Detective' by Konami uses new motion controls for beat 'em up gameplay

Shaggy September 22, 2007 0

  [Via the AM-Net Blog] (Click on the image above to see the full poster) With the AM Show over an done with, it is a little disheartening seeing all of the games that

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