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Arcade Extinction Vs Revolution

Shaggy February 19, 2008 4

(I tried to put a picture up but WordPress is having issues yet again and it’s not working) Here is an interesting contrast we find about the arcade scene in it’s current state from

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Poll: Which new arcade Fighter are you most excited for?

Shaggy February 19, 2008 0

I’ve mentioned before that 2008 would shape up to be an interesting year for arcades and so far it certain has become such. With recent game news coming out of AOU we see a

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Shrek Pinball Prototype

Shaggy February 18, 2008 0

[Via BMI Gaming] Thanks to an update to one arcade distributor’s website, we finally have an idea of what the very limited Shrek Pinball game will look like. This picture is just a prototype

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Konami's Action Cop cabinet on location test

Shaggy February 10, 2008 0

(Click on the image above to enlarge) Thanks to the Stinger Report we have a first look at the cabinet Konami’s new motion-based controller arcade title Action Cop ‘in the wild’. It is currently

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Play Mechanix hiring for help on "online tournament system"

Shaggy February 9, 2008 1

Play Mechanix, developer of popular arcade titles such as Big Buck Hunter, Aliens: Extermination, and Deal or No Deal has updated their website with two new positions they are looking to fill, specifically for

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Street Fighter IV on Viewlix cabinet – uses Taito Type X2 hardware

Shaggy February 8, 2008 4

So I was poking around the Famitsu site a little more to see if there was anything more on SFIV and I had overlooked this article where the editors of that magazine had a

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Original Street Fighter IV characters in action

Shaggy February 8, 2008 0

First we had scans and now we have full screen shots of the original Street Fighter characters of how they will appear in the the upcoming arcade game Street Fighter IV. Japanese magazine Famitsu

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AOU Build Up – Action Cop by Konami

Shaggy February 4, 2008 0

Thanks to the Stinger Report here’s one up and coming look for something to expect at AOU 2008 (among many other games): Action Cop by Konami. We have reported about this game several times

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Senninha GP video

Shaggy February 2, 2008 0

Thanks for poster legionaryu for pointing this out. It’s a video from the new Brazilian arcade title Senninha GP. Graphically it carries the look of a cart-style racer from the last generation of console

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New from IT – Silver Strike Bowling 2009

Shaggy February 1, 2008 1

Incredible Technologies has launched a new website for their latest title, Silver Strike 2009: Bowler’s Club.  Building upon the same formula that has made other Silver strike titles so popular, SSB09 adds some new

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Another arcade game from Brazil – Senninha GP

Shaggy January 26, 2008 9

It had been a while since I had checked out the Brazilian arcade scene as it seemed to be at a standstill. I couldn’t find the indication of any other developments beyond GP Brasil,

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Couple of new games in Japan – BlazBlue and Trouble Witches

Shaggy January 26, 2008 0

[Via Arcade Renaissance] Go ahead and put these under the “We’re not sure if they’ll ever be released outside of Japan” category. OK, you might see it as an import but it seems that

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