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Taito’s Gaia Attack 4 testing in the UK

Taito’s Gaia Attack 4 testing in the UK

arcadehero September 30, 2010 5

Newsfeed 938 via When Taito demonstrated a new four-player light-gun shooter title at AOU this past February called Gaia Attack 4, there was no indication that it would get an international release, although we

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More footage from the 48th JAMMA Expo

arcadehero September 22, 2010 0

While we eagerly await news from the Sega Private Show to come about, including more information on GRID and Let’s Go Island, let’s take another look at the recent JAMMA show that took place

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Taito Type X Zero specs revealed

Shaggy September 13, 2010 6

We have already discussed the new digital distribution system that Taito has developed (called NESICAxLive) but one area we were waiting to hear more about are the specs for Taito’s new hardware platform, the

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JAMMA 2010: New games, hardware and ideas that could shake things up

Shaggy September 9, 2010 18

The 48th JAMMA Expo is now underway in Japan and with that comes a flood of news concerning future projects that Japanese developers will be bringing to the market. AM-Net has a number of

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Taito's Music Gun Gun 2 ; Darius Burst hands-on article + Taito's JAMMA line-up

Shaggy August 30, 2010 0

Newsfeed 911 via Let’s start the week with some Taito news, first with a new game that the company is working on that is a sequel to one of their notable mash-up titles. Music

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Test your tablecloth pulling skills with The Tablecloth Hour

Shaggy August 15, 2010 10

Last year Taito contributed a new game to the often quirky world of Japanese arcade games called Ultra Low Dining Table(scroll almost halfway down on the link for videos; it’s also pictured to the

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Do you want to see Darius Burst Another Chronicle outside of Japan? Tell Taito!

Shaggy August 9, 2010 8

The announcement of the new Darius arcade in Japan has caused quite a stir and while at the moment the game has only been announced for a Japanese release, Taito has been quiet on

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Darius Burst Another Chronicle location test reports

Shaggy August 7, 2010 4

Taito began the first public test of the new Darius Burst Another Chronicle in Akihabara yesterday and already the test is considered a great success. Between 140-200 showed up early to get a chance

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See Darius Burst Another Chronicle in action

Shaggy August 6, 2010 0

Newsfeed 894 via As promised, Taito had a live stream take place this morning/last night (depending upon your location) and in that video we got our first look at their upcoming Darius Burst Another

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See the new Darius Burst in action Friday

Shaggy August 4, 2010 0

(Thanks to ECM for the tip!) If you are chomping at the bit to see Taito’s new Darius Burst Another Chronicle in action, then you’ll have the chance to do so this Friday. Taito

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Screenshots for the new Darius and Pengo

Shaggy July 30, 2010 5

Darius Burst Another Chronicle – sweet mother of awesome (click to enlarge, via Game Watch): Pengo. I thought this was going to be eight players on one cabinet but that doesn’t seem to be

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Darius Burst Another Chronicle cabinet revealed

Shaggy July 30, 2010 3

(Thanks to ECM for the tip) While I wasn’t expecting anything on this until tomorrow morning, it appears that all of the info already out on the new has pushed Taito to reveal more

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