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ICE's Standard version of Panic Museum

Shaggy February 4, 2010 1

Via At IAAPA I had a chance to play Taito’s huge, theater style light-gun game, Panic Museum. The setup is impressive, with a large projected screen and theater quality sound, but obviously this does

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First pics from the big arcade show in London called EAG 2010 by Kevin Williams UPDATED

Shaggy January 27, 2010 8

Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report, we have a first look at the European Amusement and Gaming Expo 2010. To give you an idea of some of the games you’ll see by

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Taito's Panic Museum coming to the US via ICE

Shaggy November 13, 2009 0

It looks like the slowdown in arcade news is finally letting up with a number of companies sending out press releases today regarding product that we’ll be seeing at IAAPA next week. One release

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Pics from the London Preview 2010 show

Shaggy October 8, 2009 5

Another arcade trade show has come along and this time we have pictures (unlike with AMOA ’09, which I still haven’t seen anything from that one). To see all of the pictures, I’ve placed

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Video interview with Fukio "MTJ" Mitsuji

Shaggy September 22, 2009 2

You’ll have to chalk this up to “better late than never” but last year on Dec. 11th 2008 Fukio Mitsuji passed away.  He created some very memorable arcade titles at Taito so it’s good

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Round-up from the JAMMA show (updated)

Shaggy September 17, 2009 4

Since I don’t have the opportunity to visit the JAMMA show in Japan, we have to rely on what other sites are showing us in regards to what is going on over there. Thanks

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Taito shows off a new light-gun/music shooter, Music Gun Gun (updated)

Shaggy August 20, 2009 0

Taito has another new light-gun shooter that they are showing off in Japan (the other being Elevator Action: Death Parade) and from this recent public demonstration of Music Gun Gun at one of Taito’s

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More details on Taito’s new FPS Cyber Diver

Shaggy July 11, 2009 0

Most of the news this week seems to be revolving around Japanese releases but that’s OK – even if you don’t live in Japan some of these games could make their way to a

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New trailer for Elevator Action Death Parade

Shaggy July 2, 2009 0

Taito’s modern update to Elevator Action now has an official trailer and it looks pretty exciting. In our previous coverage of the game, we saw that it is not like the original game in

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New experiment: The Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review 'podcast'

Shaggy June 14, 2009 9

OK, so I have decided to try ‘podcasting’ – of course I don’t know if you can really consider this a podcast, it’s just an MP3 file to download here where you can listen

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Pics from the UK Park Avenue Open Day event

Shaggy June 13, 2009 0

Kevin Williams at the Stiger Report has sent us some pics he took from the UK Park Avenue Open Day distributor event and with it we get to take a look at a couple

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Taito reveals Top Speed, racing game with internet play

Shaggy June 4, 2009 1

Taito has revealed a new racing game for arcades and while that news may not cause many heads to turn, certain features that are found in this game may. Taito is claiming that this

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