More AOU stuff – Robo Catcher, more Metal Gear, Gaia Attack 4, Stomper DLX, Sega

Shaggy February 20, 2010 0

Here’s a few more things out of AOU in Japan (links via various sources, including AM Net) and The Stinger Report

Robo Catcher – showing other applications our future robot overlords can have in amusement devices 😛

Also Metal Gear Arcade received “the most attention” at the show. Here is a test report of how the game plays by Andria Sang (thanks ECM). Game Watch has an in-depth description of how the game works as well, and they reveal that it could be played without the stereoscopic 3D effect if the player chooses. The Game Watch article above also has a look into Konami’s line-up of bemani games at the show.

Here’s another pic of Gaia Attack 4 by Taito/Gamewax. They mention that an idea behind this game is to get women and children involved into a shooter, which has been mentioned by Gamewax before when they were discussing the idea behind Go Go Grand Prix.  As the cabinet design is based off of Panic Museum as I had thought, I wonder if this game could get some distribution outside of Japan like PM did. Gaia Attack certainly has more appeal to it than Panic Museum did.

Trio-Tech’s Mini Stomper DLX was at the show too.

Sega demonstrated the promo video for Let’s Go Island at their press event where they also showed off the new Virtua Fighter 5 update and a couple of other things.

Question for fans of music games – was Project Diva popular on the PSP outside of Japan? Was it even released elsewhere? I noticed that the arcade version has attracted a bit of attention at AOU but could the popularity of the PSP game translate into this arcade unit getting international attention?

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  1. 60Hertz February 23, 2010 at 1:31 am - Reply

    I think with project diva a lot of popularity is because of the vocaloid scene, each one has their own following. I think it’s a budding scene here in the states. I’m just not sure how popular it is here and will it grow.

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