Newsbytes: Polybius Doc; Walking Dead Update; Heighway Pinball Update; NTG#45

arcadehero May 23, 2015 0

In the US many are out and about thanks to it being Memorial Day weekend, which is (or at least should be) one of the more solemn holidays. For most it also marks the beginning of Summer. Regardless, I wish you safe travels in the process. Here is a round-up of some arcade news out there.

Polybius Documentary Seeks Funding – With the Atari E.T. myth finally put to rest in a satisfactory way, the next myth in gaming falls upon Polybius, the supposed mind-control arcade game that showed up in Portland back in the early 80s. Personally from what I have read over the years, it sounds more like it is something worthy of legendary internet troll status but you never know (there is a recent discussion about it here if you are interested). Check out the Kickstarter for the project here.

The Walking Dead Pinball Code Update


If you have a The Walking Dead Pinball machine from Stern, they have released a “drastic” new code update to give the game some new features, rule changes and of course some of those bug fixes that these updates take care of(the changes are five pages long). You can download the updates from here:



Heighway Pinball Production Update – Speaking of pinball, Stern’s new competition from the other side of the pond jsut posted this video showing the production that is underway for their first title, Full Throttle.

Under Night In-Birth Latest Version Test – This isn’t headed to the West but I am sharing because there isn’t much else to talk about 😛

Name That Game #45 – With it being Pac-Man’s 35th birthday this week I probably should have done a Pac-Man centric NTG, but that would be way too easy. It is the 30th anniversary of the first game on the list however…

#1 – The Goonies by Konami

#2 – DJ Boy by Kaneko

#3 – Meikyuu Shima/Kickle Cubele by Irem

Challenge questions for this week:






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