Newsbytes Halloween Edition: Real Drive; Hooligans Family Fun; Dissidia; NTG#63

arcadehero October 31, 2015 2

Happy Halloween everyone! This is the one day of the year that I get more people walking in front of my arcade than any other…of course 95% of them don’t walk in at that time because they are busy trick-or-treating but it is still good exposure.

Some Credit Play: Halloween Special w/ CarnEvil – I had skipped a ‘one credit play’ this past Monday since I’ve had a lot of videos to do this week but with it being Halloween, I figured it was best to do something today and with one of the best Halloween/horror arcade games out there, Midway’s CarnEvil.

Real Drive FootageThe New Age Hard Drivin’ – When Atari Games released games like Hard Drivin’ and Race Drivin’, they were attempting to make more of a simulator than just another arcade driving game. That is where they had the cool feature of turning the key to start the car. Well the recently announced Real Drive by Bandai Namco is definitely taking a page from the simulator as you can see in this video here – motion seat, surround screen, realistic wheel, gear shifter and you even have to push a button to start the vehicle.

Hooligans Family FUN Opens in Alabaster, AL -Among the many arcade openings we have discussed in recent years, I don’t recall any from the Southern US state of Alabama. For Hooligans Family FUN, it definitely appears as though they are going to be able to fill in a void in their town of Alabaster. The venue’s main attraction at present is a miniature golf course; for the arcade I have been unable to find a solid list of the games (I reached out to them through Facebook but did not receive an answer). Their Facebook page is here.

Final Fantasy Dissidia Release Date & New Trailer – I highly doubt we’ll see the arcade version outside of the very rare import from Japan (and of course, there will be the console version) but you never know. With Round1USA and Dave & Busters trying out all sorts of Japanese arcade titles for testing at least, there could be a chance. The game is slated to launch on the Japanese market on Nov. 26th and here is the new trailer for it:

SkyCurser Beta Play – I’ve been able to get a little hands-on time with SkyCurser so far and it was announced that on December 5th a dedicated version of the game will be showing up at the Logan Arcade in IL. Still haven’t figured out the issue with the power on the other cabinet so this JoyRo will do for now. Given the gruesome nature of the enemies, this also fits well with Halloween:

Name That Game #63 – Keep those guesses coming – most of the time you guys are right on! Answers from last week:

#1 – Alien Syndrome by Sega

#2 – Bonze Adventure by Taito

#3 – Dangerous Seed by Namco

And for today’s Halloween treats:



Super Challenge Question!



  1. WMFCIkaruga October 31, 2015 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    First one is Evil Night by Konami
    Second one is Bogey Manor by Technos

    As for the challenge…you got me.

  2. Arkanoid November 2, 2015 at 8:51 am - Reply

    1. Evil Night by Konami
    3. Pretty sure this one is just called Haunted House and made by Midway

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