Newsbytes: Arcade Heroes Turns 9; Namco & Hooters In Japan; Sonic Showcase; Dragon’s Lair; NTG#67

arcadehero December 5, 2015 2

It has been a very busy week so there are a couple of things I overlooked – fortunately the compilation we get from the Newsbytes post is here to save the day. 😉

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY TO US – ARCADE HEROES! – I’m horrible at remembering the date every year but I should mention that two days ago marked the anniversary of when this site got it’s start back in 2006. Since then we’ve been striving to bring you the latest and the best in arcade news. My sincere thanks to all of you regular readers – whether you just lurk or comment or contribute, you help make this site what it is.

The first banner used for the site

The first banner used for the site

Newest Arcade Games Coming To Market – In case you missed it, check out my IAAPA 2015 wrap-up that showcases all of the new coin-op video games that are coming to the market right now or at the begining of next year and pelase share with anyone that doesn’t know what is going on with the arcade market these days!

Namco & Hooters Teaming Up In Japan for Eatertainment Concept – Yep, Japan (specifically Shibuya to start) is getting their own D&B style concept. Via Famitsu


Sega’s Sonic Showcase – Speaking of that, here is a video that Sega Amusements posted showcasing Sonic THe Hedgehog at their IAAPA booth. Next year marks 25 years for the character so they are going all out to promote him.

Yahoo article on the Classic Arcades Comeback (Thanks to Michael Louis for the tip) – More articles covering growth in the industry aren’t a bad thing, they always beat the ‘arcades are dead’ marratives, even if these articles fail to include the true, full scope of what the industry is like at the moment. This also combines nicely with the 3 new arcade venues that I just ran a story about. Click here to read.

Dragon’s Lair Review (Thanks to Kevin Williams for the tip)- If you have some time to kill, here is a ‘review’ of the old Dragon’s Lair by popular Youtuber Nostalgia Critic:

WatchMojo Gives Arcades Some Attention – I really don’t care for “Top 10” lists since they are subjective and often arbitrary as to the reasons for the picks being top 10 but the Youtube channel WatchMojo is quite popular and they have brought some attention to our market with two videos this week so I’ll relent and share. Get ready to ask “why did they forget to mention…?”:

About that Guinness World Record for “World’s Largest Arcade Cabinet” – I’ve mentioned this before but I just don’t believe that the recent Guinness World Record on that tall arcade cabinet is legit since several arcade companies in the past have created some pretty big arcade attractions. For that reminder, throwback video to Sega’s Super Circuit (below; or if you want, Namco’s Ridge Racer Full Scale…or various others):

Name That Game #67 – With this week not having many posts, there aren’t too many posts on the front page between this and NTG#66…regardless, here are last week’s answers:

#1 – California Speed by Atari Games

#2 – Gaia Crusaders by Noise Factory

#3 – Round Up #5: Super Delta Force by Data East

For a good time this week, guess on these:





  1. Alfred December 5, 2015 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    The middle one is Demolition Fist.

  2. arcades4ever December 8, 2015 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    Oh I love the nostalgia critic so I’ll deffinatly give this a look when I get round to it. I’m surprised namco never tried something like DnBs concept before given how popular they are from the sound of thing, I wouldn’t know since we don’t have them here in the UK. It’s certainly a concept I can see working here despite the fact we don’t have something like DnBs so there’s a potential market I would’ve thought.

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