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Kawasaki Warehouse – Location Report, Japan

arcadeheaven October 17, 2008 9

Wow, I have just got back from Japan and made a fabulous discovery whilst I was there: Kawasaki Warehouse This incredible arcade has been built from the ground up to look like a disused,

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Free Rice: A Word Game With Heart

arcadeheaven November 21, 2007 0

Ok, it’s not really arcade and it’s not much of a game but it will help you increase your vocabulary and will help feed the hungry of the world. Go on give it a

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Crazy: VF2 Simpsons Vs Family Guy

arcadeheaven October 25, 2007 7

Some crazy people took the parts of the VF2 PC game  and using a “Make Your Own Fighting Game” engine called M.U.G.E.N. threw in Homer and Peter Griffin! Also note the Sega mascots in the

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"The Act" – In the News

arcadeheaven October 25, 2007 0

As a taster for Shaggy’s up coming review here is a quick news story I found on “The Act” on youtube. Features a little gameplay, cabinet on test and some interviews with key Cecropia staff. Sadly they

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SEGA Rally Demo on XBox Live!!!!

arcadeheaven September 19, 2007 0

  Just spotted on Major Nelson Blog that the demo for SEGA Rally is now available on XBox live……downloading now…………2% complete…………………..Grrrrr…………must….. get…… faster….. Internet……. connection!!!  Updated: Well worth the wait. Only single player, two

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Press Start: Classic Gaming in Comic Form

arcadeheaven September 17, 2007 0

Now for a bit of love for one of our Forum devotees, Moon Jump!   Pop over to “Press Start” a really great games web comic updated on Wednesday and Friday evenings. They also

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Whatever Happened to: Psy-Phi

arcadeheaven September 17, 2007 2

Psy-Phi was announced by SEGA as a new Lindbergh based arcade game . The project was being headed by legend Yu Suzuki and featured two player touch screen fighting/shooting gameplay based on 1-on-1 combat with players floating up in the

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Surface Tension Arcade Tables

arcadeheaven May 13, 2007 0

Well, this kind of makes my conversion project seem even more of a joke (I still haven’t progressed beyond ordering a tiny TFT screen). A welcome forum visitor has pointed us to their site, Surface Tension from which they

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Polybius – Urban Myth or CIA Plot ?

arcadeheaven May 2, 2007 1

  I had completely forgotten about this old story until a friend reminded me today. As some of you may know this story has been floating around for a very long time. Reputedly back

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Pixelbox – Fantastic Micro MAME Cabinet by Vance Fry

arcadeheaven May 2, 2007 0

   This settles it, I am going to do the conversion on the Space Invaders Mini Cabinet. Vance Fry has done some amazing work building a micro sized cabinet from scratch using Sanwa arcade

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Mini Arcade Cabinet Madness

arcadeheaven May 1, 2007 2

Just look at this baby! A really great friend brought back this very cool mini arcade cabinet from Japan. It is actually an enclosure for a Playstation controller which I think was released for the Space Invaders Anniversary but the

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Mario & Sonic together at last!!!

arcadeheaven March 28, 2007 0

Wow what a historic day, Nintendo and SEGA have announced that Mario & Sonic will appear in a game together for the first time. Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games is coming for

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