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IAAPA pics, Round 3

IAAPA pics, Round 3

arcadehero November 26, 2010 3

(Thanks to Joe J. for the tip) This was the second time I’ve attended IAAPA and both times I have noticed something – each time I have walked away with a nagging feeling that

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Videos of Sega’s Heat Up Hockey

Shaggy September 19, 2009 14

[Via AM Net and Gigazine] One game I have really been wanting to see in action from the recent JAMMA trade show would be Sega’s new Heat Up Hockey.  Fortunately after a short wait,

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Sega shows off more Heat Up Hockey

Shaggy September 9, 2009 0

When I posted about the innovative Heat Up Hockey game a short time ago, there was one crucial piece of information missing on the game – who was releasing it? We happen to know

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Heat Up Hockey adds a new dimension to air hockey

Shaggy August 15, 2009 0

Of all the games I have purchased for my own arcade, one of the best investments I made was in an air hockey table. While I didn’t get anything fancy, I did get something

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How's this for an air hockey table?

Shaggy February 18, 2009 1

What would you do if you had a 103″ plasma screen laying around? Why turn it into a touch screen air hockey game of course! At least that’s what they did in Amsterdam for

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Next step in the robot take over – now they can play air hockey!

Shaggy June 25, 2008 1

I jest with the headline about the robot takeover but if you really are concerned about the evolution of robots in the world then here’s another thing for you to worry about. If not

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Another look at ASI 2008

Shaggy May 8, 2008 0

ASI 2008 may have come and gone back in March but it’s still great when someone else shares their photos and thoughts on the the event, as Chris has done on his blog. He

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Rugby Air Hockey anyone?

Twisted Supreme March 5, 2008 0

Missed this one at ATEi. This isn’t just your regular air hockey table with rugby themed decals. In this game of Air Hockey the puck is actually shaped like a rugby ball! Admittedly it’s only a

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