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How about some tiny arcade cabs for $20?

Shaggy August 28, 2009 0

If you went out of your way to print off those paper arcade cabinets but wanted something a little bit more solid, then this is for you. Instead of flimsy, rippable paper, these bad

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This collection of arcade art is pretty groovy

Shaggy August 20, 2009 0

I always enjoy looking at the artwork that has been used on arcades over the decades and even though I’ve seen a lot of different art, there’s always something out there that you haven’t

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ArtCade – new magazine uses an arcade cabinet to show off their 1st issue

Shaggy July 14, 2009 1

Starting a new magazine and need a way to capture people’s attention? Why not try using an arcade cabinet with a specialized interface to get the word out? That seems to be the idea

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Check out the Game Boom

Shaggy May 2, 2009 0

Some arcade cabinets are sturdier than others and I think that this Game Boom takes the cake. Of course it’s not really a game cabinet although I’m sure that with a little extra work

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Arcade Art – hand painted 8-bit goodness

Shaggy December 9, 2008 0

We’ve discussed arcade-related artwork before but I hadn’t thought of looking up “Arcade” before to see what would pull up. It seems like a no brainer now, but there is a website called

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Soopa Coin-Up Bros DIY mini-arcade cabinet

Shaggy August 18, 2008 0

Here is an interesting DIY piece of art that allows you to design your own mini-arcade cabinet that is fairly similar to that Pac GentleMan artpiece we covered a while back. There are a

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I Am 8-bit art shows plenty of arcade love

Shaggy July 31, 2008 0

The gaming blog Joystiq has as exclusive look at some artwork from the upcoming i am 8-bit showrunners for the i am 8-bit art gallery that will be showcasing classic game-inspired artwork in La

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Space Invaders lamps

Shaggy June 6, 2008 0

Speaking of Space Invaders, here are some SI-inspired lamps that were sent into us by The Stinger Report. They remind me of the Asteroids lamps we brought up a little while ago but with

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Donkey Kong Made From Post-It’s

Donkey Kong Made From Post-It’s

Twisted Supreme April 11, 2007 0

This has to be one of the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. This whole piece of art is made simply of Post-It notes, 6400 Post-It’s to be precise. It took 10 people

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