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More positive ATEI and arcade coverage

Shaggy February 7, 2008 0

It’s good to know that not everyone who visited ATEI thought that it meant that the arcade scene was just months away from certain doom. Between us and The Stinger Report, it seemed that

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Stinger's ATEI review @

Shaggy February 6, 2008 0

The Stinger Report has pointed us to their ATEI review at which includes some more photos and a nice overall review of what went on at ATEI. As long as an arcade event

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Namco also prepping for a big ATEI '08 – new Raw Thrills' title announced.

Shaggy January 9, 2008 0

We’ve already heard from Sega and Konami so it was only a short time before Namco threw their hat into the ring of what to expect from them at ATEI. From the press release

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