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Starting your own arcade (Part 2)

Shaggy May 2, 2008 0

(Click here for Part 1) I haven’t had a lot of time to get to the second part of the Starting your own arcade discussion but I sat down this morning and put my

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Trials, Tribulations and Locations

Shaggy April 18, 2008 0

So over a month ago I made a post saying that I would be getting my own arcade started that next week and that along with it I would be making regular updates but

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Starting an arcade of your own (Part 1)

Shaggy April 6, 2008 34

While I have been working on getting my own arcade started I have dealt with the problem where it is difficult to come by useful information on arcade business statistics. I know that many

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Brief 'my arcade' update and a new arcade blog

Shaggy April 4, 2008 1

It’s time for a brief update on my arcade and I hate to say that almost nothing has happened since my last post. It’s really infuriated me – I was told to expect signing

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Next week my arcade makes its start

Shaggy March 15, 2008 21

I got some great news today that I will be signing the lease on the store lot where I will be placing my arcade sometime next week, possibly Monday or Tuesday. Once that happens

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It takes patience to start a new business (update on my arcade)

It takes patience to start a new business (update on my arcade)

Shaggy February 21, 2008 15

For those curious, here is another update on the very slow progress for my arcade business, The Game Grid Arcade. I submitted a request to the owners of the store I am looking to

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Closure of A Few Japanese Arcades does not signal that the end is near

Shaggy February 8, 2008 1

I can’t help but feel somewhat amused at all the attention online news sources are giving to the news that Namco Bandai will be closing 50-60 of their arcades in Japan due to “high

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Update on my arcade business progress

Shaggy November 2, 2007 0

Well I figure it’s been a while since I wrote about my progress with getting my arcade started and now is as good a time as any. At the moment I am still in

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