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SFIV has arrived on consoles so what is the verdict? UPDATED

Shaggy February 16, 2009 6

With SFIV making it’s way to consoles in less than a year than it was released to arcades in Japan (and then through imports elsewhere), one has to wonder how it stacks up? Unfortunately

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Target Toss Pro: Bags heads to the Wii

Shaggy November 18, 2008 0

I found this as a little bit of a surprise as Incredible Technologies hasn’t taken many games over from the coin-op market to the home market (they did do a GT game for cell

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SFIV console & arcade version shows up together at event & more.

Shaggy November 1, 2008 0

More SFIV goodness is out and about, first with a link to a video of SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono discussing the game (my gripe: he talks about how arcades in the Us & Europe

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Some Tekken 6 talk

Shaggy October 21, 2008 0

There’s been a lot of talk about fighters lately and as it turns out – here’s some more. Namco Japan sat down and talked about the arcade and console versions of Tekken 6 with

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Another console based coin-op machine, PlayCoin

Shaggy October 5, 2008 0

Well it hasn’t been long since we saw the demise of the Xbox 360 powered “Arcade Station T2” and here is another console-powered coin-op system, this time out of Greece and based upon the

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New Xbox 360 Coin-Op Arcade Machine just a day away?

Shaggy June 25, 2008 5

For a while on they have had a banner sitting there with a countdown towards an “Xbox Arcade Machine” for sometime now and according to the countdown, tomorrow is the day that it

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What have we been playing…. or not in my case

Twisted Supreme April 10, 2008 0

As you can see Shaggy’s been a busy playing all sorts of great games at ASI, unfortunately I have had very little time to play games or do any posts for the website for

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What have we been playing….

Twisted Supreme March 10, 2008 0

Do you ever get that feeling when you put a new game in your 360 and play it for an hour or so and then regret. Regret it because you wish you’d never put that

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