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New Disney 3D Ping Pong cabinet pushes "No 3D glasses required" aspect

Shaggy April 15, 2010 3

If you have been following gaming news since last December, then you know that stereoscopic 3D gaming is starting to gain some steam. If you have been following us since February, then you also

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Disney to build a Flynn's Arcade at Tomorrow Land; new pics of Flynn's Arcade in TRON Legacy

Shaggy March 4, 2010 0

It seems that news on the new Tron: Legacy movie is rolling out every day this week as part of a build-up to the official trailer release tomorrow and while we are not a

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Disney Interactive releases 3D Ping Pong in China

Shaggy February 16, 2010 0

Via Now here is something a little different, especially coming from Disney called Disney 3D Ping Pong. By jumping into the 3D craze with both feet first, not only is Disney going to be

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Disney Quest Arcade closing in 2008

SaraAB87 December 9, 2007 0

Many sources are reporting that Disney Quest will be closing in early 2008. If you have not heard of Disney Quest, it is a big arcade at Disney with lots of classics games and simulators. The

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Sega's Disney Dancing Card Game

Twisted Supreme November 29, 2007 0

What do you get if you cross one of Sega’s kids games, Disney and a dance mat. Well one of the above of course. I don’t know how well the kids games did over here and in

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Super Mickey Mouse Brothers Crane

Twisted Supreme November 26, 2007 2

[Thanks to The Stinger Report]  From what I gather Nintendo and Disney don’t take kindly to thier IP’s being ripped off, so I’m thinking who ever came up with this bizarre combo of Mario

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