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Arcade Heroes Podcast – IAAPA edition

Arcade Heroes Podcast – IAAPA edition

arcadehero December 1, 2010 4

(Pic via Fillmore Games) It has been a while since we did a podcast – I know it doesn’t help our cause to lack consistency in producing these but at least we get something

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IAAPA 2010: Tecway/Belrare, Golden Dragon

arcadehero November 19, 2010 2

Well after spending most of my day uploading videos, the video part of our IAAPA coverage is coming to a close for now. But as I mentioned already we still have a few more

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IAAPA 2010: Touch FX, Pirate King, Friction, Sea Wolf

arcadehero November 19, 2010 4

Almost done. We still will have more pictures to share – in fact I got another link from Fillmore Games of some extra pictures they took from the show – and Kevin and I

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IAAPA 2010: Music games (Andamiro, Mozarc, DJMT2, World’s Fastest Drummer)

arcadehero November 19, 2010 3

Arcade music games are not to be shunned and they certainly weren’t at IAAPA this week. Here’s a look over what new music gaming concepts players have to look forward to trying out at

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IAAPA 2010: Motion simulators; 3D gaming (InJoy, Simuline, UNIS)

arcadehero November 19, 2010 1

Other big concepts were in play at IAAPA 2010 and here we will take a look at those companies who are adding the elements of motion, stereoscopic 3D and ever water into their games.

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IAAPA 2010 – Namco booth

arcadehero November 19, 2010 6

Next up as a part of our IAAPA 2010 coverage is Namco. Like Amusement Expo, the company had a large booth where Pac-Man was a big star but they also had plenty of other

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IAAPA 2010: Sega

arcadehero November 19, 2010 5

First batch of videos from one manufacturer that I have been able to upload here are from the Sega booth, who had quite a substantial number of new games on hand to show off.

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