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Back from AMOA '08 – some thoughts, impressions and a fire (and my little part in all this) UPDATED

Shaggy September 12, 2008 1

I’m back from AMOA 2008 and it was fun. I got to see many new games that are coming to the States, talk with great people and come away with video and impressions of

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Golden Tee Championship at AMOA

Shaggy September 5, 2008 3

I have to hand it to Incredible Technologies, while I’ve heard that not everyone is excited about AMOA next week, they certainly are and they are looking to give attendees a reason to be

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Power Putt Golf Preview

Shaggy August 13, 2008 0

We discussed the newest game by Incredible Technologies just the other day and already there is a video preview of the title up at Youtube. What is slightly unusual about this is the fact

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Power Putt Golf, a new IP by Incredible Technologies

Shaggy August 4, 2008 2

I hate it when I overlook a game announcement but it happens from time to time when you’re human. 🙂 But while the game we’re going to talk about here was first announced in

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Golden Tee LIVE 2009 goes on sale Aug. 4th, shipping in September

Shaggy July 30, 2008 1

I’ve been hearing a lot of hints floating around that there are a lot of big announcements coming from arcade companies this fall (in particular at the AMOA show) and from what I can

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Silver Strike Bowling Jeep Sweepstakes video

Shaggy July 29, 2008 0

A while back I remember that we posted about a contest involving the arcade title Silver strike Bowling 2009 where they were giving away a jeep as the grand prize but I missed out

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Incredible Technologies named One of Chicago's "101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work for"

Shaggy July 24, 2008 0

Here’s some pretty good news for one arcade company to talk about, Incredible Technologies (makers of Golden Tee and Silver Strike Bowling) has been named by the National Association for Business Resources one of

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Incredible Technologies & Betson form an alliance

Shaggy July 18, 2008 0

It’s hard to keep track on distributor/manufacturer relations sometimes and if you visit distributor websites you sometimes find that they carry products from one company but not another. It’s obviously in the best interest

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Golden Tee 2009 video preview

Shaggy June 2, 2008 2

With another year comes another Golden Tee and the next one has at least one unique difference to it that we know of – one of the courses was designed by a player. Until

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Incredible Technologies revamps websites

Shaggy May 16, 2008 0

This year several arcade development companies have revamped their websites and now Incredible Technologies has joined them. The new site design for IT is pretty good and it should be since they have been

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Some prizes to expect for Silver Strike Bowling 2009

Shaggy May 10, 2008 0

(Click on image to enlarge) We have mentioned Silver Strike Bowling 2009 a few times recently, as Incredible Technologies has been making a large effort to make the game attractive with the number of

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Golden Tee 2009 Design-A-Hole Finalists Up for a vote

Shaggy May 4, 2008 0

A little while ago we posted about a new contest that Incredible Technologies was running in regards to their next Golden Tee game, GT2009. The contest is called Design-A-Hole where anyone could submit an

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