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Namco Brent ATEi 2008 Impressions

Twisted Supreme January 28, 2008 1

(More pictures after the break)Next up in the ATEi 2008 round up is the Namco Brent stand, and of course as all of you will know they had two sequels to two of the

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Namco Brent ATEi 2008 Videos: Tekken 6 & Big Buck Safari

Twisted Supreme January 23, 2008 0

Tekken 6 Big Buck Safari [Discuss on the Forum

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First pics from ATEI – Tekken 6

Shaggy January 22, 2008 0

ATEI is finally upon us and with it of course, pictures! Expect a lot more over the next few days as both The Stinger Report and Twisted Supreme will be at the show, taking

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Namco also prepping for a big ATEI '08 – new Raw Thrills' title announced.

Shaggy January 9, 2008 0

We’ve already heard from Sega and Konami so it was only a short time before Namco threw their hat into the ring of what to expect from them at ATEI. From the press release

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Wacky Races On Secret Location Test At London Trocadero

Twisted Supreme December 2, 2007 1

  Received a great tip yesterday from site reader Jimmy Beech. Read on…. Yo arcade dudes! Thought you’d wanna know that I saw a new racing game at Funland today, some guy there said

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The Stinger Report #599 – IAAPA 07 coverage part I

Shaggy November 29, 2007 0

The Stinger Report has released the first part of their IAAPA coverage and it is loaded with information pertaining to arcades and what the future holds for our industry. Certainly this is shaping up

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Tekken 6 Officially Released In Japan

Twisted Supreme November 28, 2007 0

 At last Namco has announced the start of the availability of Tekken 6. I’m impressed with how quickly this has come a long and also the ammount of videos of the location tests that having been

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Namco getting ready to sue the pants off Voyager Arcade

Shaggy November 27, 2007 0

See this cabinet above? It probably won’t be around much longer. If you are into arcades at all, you can’t surf the internet without running into one of these MAME-enabled cabinets that someone decided

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Shaggy's Weekly Review – Rockin' Bowl-a-Rama by Namco

Shaggy November 21, 2007 1

I had a chance to play a bowling arcade game this past week and I figured it would be nice to check it out. Since bowling games have had a surge in popularity as

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Exclusive – First Tekken 6 test location shots in US

Shaggy November 16, 2007 0

[Via The Stinger Report] Namco has begun testing Tekken 6 in the US and we have an exclusive look at the test cabinets which are at the IAAPA 2007 event, thanks to our friends

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50 Tekken 6 videos

Shaggy November 12, 2007 2

I am not going to post them all here but at least show you where you can find them. Youtube user feichunwong has been recording Tekken 6 videos like crazy from the Hong Kong

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Tekken: The Movie – Poster

Twisted Supreme November 2, 2007 1

I should really pay attention more to upcoming movie releases because this one completely caught me unaware. As long as it’s as good as Mortal Kombat (sorry, but I liked it), and not as

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