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Videos of BlazBlue, KOFXII, Tekken 6 BR, Gundam and more

Shaggy September 20, 2008 0

Sorry we haven’t posted many videos yet of all these new games being shown in Japan – we have to wait until they show up on a website WordPress allows embeding from, and there

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More stuff from the 46th AM show: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, BlazBlue, Gundam NEXT, HOTD Ex & more

Shaggy September 20, 2008 2

There is more to talk about with the upcoming AM show in Japan as there are many Japanese game sites out there gathering information and photos on the many games to see at the show.  

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The AM show (JAMMA) Mega Preview Post : Elevator Action, Razing Storm, KOFXII, Harley Davidson, CastleVania & more

Shaggy September 18, 2008 3

There is another arcade event about to take place next week and this time it’s in Japan. Known as the AM Show, also called the JAMMA show, it brings with it a lot of

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Back from AMOA ’08 – some thoughts, impressions and a fire UPDATED

Shaggy September 12, 2008 1

I’m back from AMOA 2008 and it was fun. I got to see many new games that are coming to the States, talk with great people and come away with video and impressions of

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Namco shows off a new motorcycle game – Nirin

Shaggy September 8, 2008 1

Well over a year ago we revealed that Namco was working on a new motorcycle racing game that looked to be targetted towards Western audiences but was being tested in Japan. Time passed and

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Video Review: Namco Classics Collection Vol. 2 UPDATED

Shaggy September 3, 2008 0

Here’s another video review from a game at my arcade, sorry about the delay but I had misplaced my transfer cable but after finding it I’m ready to make videos again. Today we’re looking

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Hip Hop Scotch – Namco's foot controlled redemption game

Shaggy August 27, 2008 0

First there was Taito’s Space Invaders ‘Beat The Attackers’, then someone made an unauthorized foot-controlled Frogger game and now Namco is joining the foot-controlled redemption/video mix with this new title called Hip Hop Scotch.

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Maximum Tune 3 gets a sequel – MT3 DX

Shaggy August 4, 2008 7

We just received confirmation that Namco will be showing off a sequel to Midnight Maximum Tune 3 called (wait for it….) Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX. All we know about it at the moment

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Galaga Legions coming to XBLA so could there be an arcade version?

Shaggy July 14, 2008 3

Back in March when I was at ASI I asked the guys at Namco about the possibility of bringing PacManCE or something like it to the arcade scene they said that they recently had

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Retro Gamer #52 – King of Kong, Atari interviews and more

HeavyElectricity June 20, 2008 2

The new issue of UK publication Retro Gamer has hit newsagents, and it features a lot of interesting material for fans of classic arcade games. For fans of juicy gossip, the first port of

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3-year-old boy gets stuck inside Clena-Flex

Twisted Supreme June 13, 2008 0

For those of you that have seen a Clena-Flex this will come as no surprise that a child could get inside it through the giant prize collection door. However I though these cranes had

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Pacman Ghost Lamps

Shaggy June 9, 2008 0

One day I’ll have the cash to get all of this arcade game merchandise and furniture that we’ve been seeing lately. That day isn’t today but if it was I would probably pick up

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