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AAMA Gala 2012 Game Previews From Replay and Play Meter Magazines

AAMA Gala 2012 Game Previews From Replay and Play Meter Magazines

arcadehero August 31, 2012 8

It’s been a few weeks longer than I had anticipated to get some more information on what new arcade games were shown at the annual AAMA Gala in Chicago but if you subscribe to

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IAAPA: Power Boat, Textminator, Sea Wolf, Tank Adventure, more misc stuff

Shaggy November 19, 2008 4

PLEASE NOTE: This post has been updated to include new information from the show floor There’s more at IAAPA and first off here are some games from a company that used to be called

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Sequel to Sea Wolf at IAAPA – Sea Wolf: The Next Mission

Shaggy November 1, 2008 3

When I was at ASI earlier this year, there wasn’t a lot of new content around but there were a few pleasant surprises. The video/redemption game Sea Wolf was one of them as it’s

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Shaggy's Review – Sea Wolf by Coastal Amusements

Shaggy April 16, 2008 4

I am going to try and review all the games I had a chance to play at ASI over the next few weeks – just as long as I can find the time to

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Sea Wolf improved upon, released

Shaggy January 24, 2008 0

[Via Play Meter News] We’ve see the videos and the pictures of Sea Wolf by Coastal Amusements and it was quite a popular game at IAAPA 2007 so all we have been waiting for

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Sea Wolf price and release

Shaggy November 22, 2007 3

If you checked out the videos below from IAAPA 2007 thanks to Justin from Sega, you would have seen the first footage of the new video redemption game called Sea Wolf, based upon a

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Primeval Hunt & IAAPA 2007 Videos

Twisted Supreme November 22, 2007 4

We received an email today from Sega Europe’s marketing & promotions manager Justin Burke which was a nice surprise. Last week he was in IAAPA and got some video of Primeval Hunt as well

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Sea Wolf returns to arcades – as a redemption title

Shaggy October 25, 2007 1

Probably not many people remember Sea Wolf – an arcade title by Midway from 1976 that put players in the position of a submarine launching torpedoes at ships through a periscope control. A more

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