How to train for Street Fighter IV

arcadehero March 11, 2011 3

Newsfeed 1014 via How does one train to become a master Street FIghter IV player? By running around various parts of Japan carrying an arcade stick to practice your moves in your mind. This

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SFIV update teaser website; called SFIV New Warrior

Shaggy September 28, 2009 0

Capcom has launched a site which teases us with the new SFIV update and while details are scarce right now (like it was when the game was originally teased) we at least know what

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SFIV Vewlix cabinet on eBay – how "real" is it?

Shaggy September 15, 2009 4

Not satisfied with building your own arcade cabinet for SFIV and you want the real, “official” thing? Then this auction on eBay is for you. The seller apparently won this through Gamestop/Capcom’s sweepstakes by

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With all versions of SFIV out, which is the most secure for tournaments?

Shaggy July 15, 2009 6

While the headline is basically a rhetorical question since we all know the answer, the question is being raised with Capcom’s console division now that the PC and even Xbox 360 versions of the

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SFIV has arrived on consoles so what is the verdict? UPDATED

Shaggy February 16, 2009 6

With SFIV making it’s way to consoles in less than a year than it was released to arcades in Japan (and then through imports elsewhere), one has to wonder how it stacks up? Unfortunately

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SFIV console & arcade version shows up together at event & more.

Shaggy November 1, 2008 0

More SFIV goodness is out and about, first with a link to a video of SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono discussing the game (my gripe: he talks about how arcades in the Us & Europe

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1st arcade in US gets SFIV, more to follow

Shaggy August 14, 2008 0

The Super Arcade (pictured to the right, we’ve discussed it before) in California has claimed to be the first arcade in the US to get their hands on Street Fighter IV and with that

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SFIV Final arcade version @ Captivate 08

Shaggy June 4, 2008 3

Kotaku has posted hands-on impressions of the final arcade version of Street Fighter IV, which was shown off at Captivate ’08, a press event Capcom held in Las Vegas last week. At the very

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