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Street Fighter IV Tournament

Twisted Supreme September 3, 2008 0

Capcom have announced the Street Fighter IV National Tournament. Qualifiers for the finals will be held across Japan from November 1st to December 7th. The venues for these are still to be announced, but we do know

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Street Fighter 4 Arcade Posters

Twisted Supreme June 26, 2008 3

You know what they say; things come in 3’s. That and all I keep coming across this morning is Street Fighter news. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. The Japanese Street Fighter 4

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Rufus joins the ranks of Street Fighter IV

Twisted Supreme April 14, 2008 0

So we have another new entry to join the rest of the Street Fighter 4 crew and his name is Rufus. I can’t help it but he just reminds me of Bob from Tekken 6

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Even more Street Fighter IV News

Twisted Supreme February 27, 2008 0

It’s never ending isn’t it? Two more pieces of SF4 news has filtered through, both from Kotaku. First up there is talk that the console version of Street Fighter 4 will include a bigger roster. This

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GDC Gamespot Street Fighter IV Videos

Twisted Supreme February 22, 2008 0

Just came across these videos on YouTube by Gamespot (something tells me they would like the fact they are on YouTube) Each one is a nice little run through of each character, thier moves and their specials.

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Street Fighter IV Hi-Res Picture Overload

Twisted Supreme February 12, 2008 0

Just checks out these latest Hi-Res pictures of Street Fighter IV and I dare you not to drawl! I have to saw the more and more I see of this game, the more and

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New Street Fighter IV Famitsu scans confirm orignal characters are back

Twisted Supreme February 6, 2008 0

[Scans via Ruliweb] Fridays issue of Famitsu is set to reveal that the original cast of SFIV are back. I think it’s pretty safe to presume that this is the news that Shizowa was talking about on the

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New Street Fighter IV characters to be revealed this Friday

Twisted Supreme February 6, 2008 0

  Spotted by The Street Fighter Blog, a new post by Project Manager Shizowa went up on the Street Fighter 4 dev blog saying (roughly translated)….. “ However, at last! February 8, the official

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New Street Fighter 4 Screens

Twisted Supreme January 31, 2008 0

Just a quick one. Just spotted that Kotaku have some new Street Fighter 4 screens, so head over there now to check them out. Hopefully we should be seeing a lot more of the game

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Capcom's Mysterious Countdown

Shaggy October 11, 2007 0

Arcade Renaissance has posted some musings about what Capcom is going to do next for the arcade scene, possibly with Street Fighter 4. Unfortunately the company has been quite absent from the arcade scene

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