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Pics from IAAPA 2009 (Part 1)

Shaggy November 20, 2009 5

VIDEO UPDATES WILL BE COMING LATER TODAY/TOMORROW Well I’m back from IAAPA 2009 and it was an excellent show. I had always heard how large it was but you have to see it (and

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review Podcast Ep. 2 – Terminator Salvation, console ports, new Sega hardware rumor, Robo-Basho loc test and more

Shaggy June 22, 2009 0

Another week has passed and here is another podcast reviewing what went on throughout the week but discussing the topics in more detail where possible. On top of several topics which you have arleady

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Terminator: Salvation Arcade seen on location test

Shaggy June 20, 2009 22

[Thanks to Malovane for sending us these shots] As arcade location tests are rarely announced in the US, at times savvy gamers who frequent game websites visit their local arcade and just so happen

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Terminator Salvation pinball to compliment TS Arcade?

Shaggy May 1, 2009 1

In the very latest Stinger Report e-newsletter (which came to my e-mail after I had finished posting yesterday), we have word that Stern will create a pinball based upon Terminator Salvation later this year.

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Rumor: Terminator Salvation coming to arcades later this year

Shaggy March 17, 2009 12

Hey, hey, it’s rumor time again, this time it’s about another Bale-Out! Just kidding, although the rumored game will have something to do Christian Bale in a sense. As you might know, one big

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