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Space Ace HD coming this fall to PC, coming next year to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

Shaggy October 8, 2007 3

Digital Leisure has announced the release of Space Ace HD for PCs, with a release set for sometime in 2008 to the new optical formats HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Thanks to modern technologies the game

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1984 Arcade – Video

Shaggy October 6, 2007 0

Sometimes finding all of the classic arcade games from the 80’s in one place is quite a pain. I’m lucky to have one arcade in my local area that has a good number of

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Shaggy's Weekly Review – Tokyo Wars by Namco

Shaggy October 4, 2007 1

I admit that I have been slacking in writing my reviews every week – sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to write something detailed, but I will do it this week no matter

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Stinger Report – Can the Amusements Industry Eliminate the Distributor?

Shaggy October 3, 2007 0

The latest Stinger Report covers a touchy subject in the industry – should the distributor be eliminated? It’s not the first time I’ve heard of this subject being discussed as in the 2005 State

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First look at Primeval Hunt by Sega

Shaggy September 25, 2007 0

(Click to enlarge) [Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report] Kevin has sent us a couple of pics of Sega’s latest hunting game, Primeval Hunt. This cabinet looks awesome – highly detailed, nice

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'Action Detective' by Konami uses new motion controls for beat 'em up gameplay

Shaggy September 22, 2007 0

  [Via the AM-Net Blog] (Click on the image above to see the full poster) With the AM Show over an done with, it is a little disheartening seeing all of the games that

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Outrun 2 Super Deluxe

Outrun 2 Super Deluxe

Twisted Supreme December 4, 2006 1

Could this quite possibly be the the best looking arcade cabinet you’ve seen in your life. This is OutRun 2 Super Deluxe edition. I think Sega actually stole a bunch of Ferrari’s and put

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