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New bemani title from Konami – Jubeat

Shaggy December 22, 2007 0

I came across a blog for a new Konami Bemani title (if you are not familiar with bemani then think DDR) called ‘Jubeat’. There isn’t much information available on the game at this point

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Shaggy's Weekly Review – 1942 by Capcom

Shaggy December 20, 2007 0

This week I’m going with a true arcade classic, which also happened to be the first arcade game I purchased for my own collection. Images via KLOV. —————————————————————————————– 1942 by Capcom Players: 1-2 (not

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When your game addiction goes too far

Shaggy December 16, 2007 0

I just caught this story of a single father in Hong Kong who was arrested for child abuse of his 7 year old daughter. How did he abuse his child? By leaving her alone

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Arcade Heroes Battle of the Week: T-MEK vs. Tokyo Wars

Shaggy December 13, 2007 0

Hello all and welcome to the Arcade Heroes Battle of the Week! This is a new idea I just had and I think it would be fun to pit two arcade games against each

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Update on my arcade

Shaggy December 13, 2007 4

It’s been a little while since I posted about my arcade progress. For those that aren’t aware, I am working on opening up my very own arcade place. It has been an arduous journey

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DreamAuthentics Katana arcade cab

Shaggy December 11, 2007 0

I admit that one not so nice thing about arcade collecting are the size of the cabs – sometimes they just take up so much space especially with some of the MAME cabs out

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Incredible Technologies hires more employees, acquires State Street Games

Shaggy December 10, 2007 1

[Via] Golden Tee developer IT (Incredible Technologies) has just hired on 7 new employees for it’s development staff and they also acquired a game developer known as State Street Games (renamed to IT

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The largest MMOG makes it's way to arcades with Audition

Shaggy December 10, 2007 1

When I heard the term ‘largest MMOG on the internet’ I first thought ‘World of Warcraft’ but I also noticed that it didn’t say MMORPG. So no, World of Warcraft is NOT coming to

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The Zamperla Telecombat – The ultimate Game/Ride simulator

SaraAB87 December 9, 2007 1

In continuing with my efforts to inform the public about different simulator games today I will discuss an unusual piece, the Zamperla Telecombat. This machine is an unusual combination of Amusement Ride crosses arcade

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Disney Quest Arcade closing in 2008

SaraAB87 December 9, 2007 0

Many sources are reporting that Disney Quest will be closing in early 2008. If you have not heard of Disney Quest, it is a big arcade at Disney with lots of classics games and simulators. The

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Coin-op coverage coming to Good Morning America thanks to AAMA

Shaggy December 8, 2007 0

[Via] At Arcade Heroes we are always happy to report any efforts that the coin-op industry makes to promote itself to the public – it’s something we strive to do every day but

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The Lord of Vermilion – new 'Squenix' arcade game creates lines in Japan

Shaggy December 7, 2007 2

SquareEnixs’ new coin-op game The Lord of Vermilion began it’s testing phase in Japan today and as seen on Game Watch, it’s already a smashing success. A line of people eager to play the

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