Chase HQ 2 at Trocadero in London

Twisted Supreme January 4, 2007 0


There I am wondering around the Trocadero in London, trying to find something a bit different to play, having already completed Afterburner Climax, and doing my usual session on WCCF. Never expecting to see a new machine, what do I stumble across? Nothing other than a new version of the old school classic Chase HQ. I’m presuming that this is not a final build of the game, what with the ATEI coming up at the end of the month, I would imagine that they are still working on it possibly. Also I would have to say that the cabinet is not the most lavish I’ve seen so hopefully again this is not the the final article. Good fun game though, usual concept; chase down the bad guy and run him off the road and pick up nitrous to give you the extra advantage. The graphical style being slightly cell shaded, was fairly unusual for an arcade game but I liked it. Will look forward to seeing this at the ATEI

chq2pedals.JPG  chq2plate.JPG

chq2screen.JPG  chq2seat.JPG

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