TMNT coming to XBLA

Twisted Supreme February 26, 2007 0


The turtles rumor mill is churning full force today as posted a few leaked TMNT screenshots. But these screenshots are special, because claims that they come from an unannounced XBLA version of 1989 TMNT. Old school TMNT on the XBLA … that’s sweetness! We’ve examined the screens, looked them over twice, and still come away perplexed. It looks like these screenshots are trying a little too hard, including Konami and Ubisoft logos on the main screen and using a new-age turtles background for the gameplay. Though, we’d like to be proven wrong and wish our 2D side scrolling turtles adventure would show up on the arcade (instead we get 3D turtles). What do you think, photoshopped prank or turtles arcade magic?

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