Soul Calibur 3 Review

Twisted Supreme March 2, 2007 0


By: Ryan Cravens

Soul Calibur 3 is finally out for the arcades and that is a great thing because fighting games have always been better in an arcade cabinet. Namco got it right and brought the game out for the real players and they did it right because this is not a straight port. SC3 brings more characters and options that appeared in the console version.

The characters have been balanced and there are more color options for the characters to choose from. Other additions include new characters and a new mode dubbed “Legendary Mode”. This mode lives up to the moniker because it allows you to take a character and turn it into one of the boss characters. This makes different bosses for each individual game, which is a first and it is pretty damned cool.

You should see this bad daddy pop up in an arcade near you and if it isn’t there you need to ask for it. This game is a must for fans of the Tekken and Soul Calibur series of games

[via Barcade]

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