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Twisted Supreme March 8, 2007 0

Mortal Kombat II


Starting Bid – £100

End Date – 12th March 2007 20:00 GMT

Not much floating about on ebay this week, in fact there’s quite a bit of tat on there at the moment. I did manage to find a Mortal Kombat II up for sale. It has a very reasonable starting price of £100, and seems to be in good condition. I guess the real reason this game was so popular was the violence that the game specialised in. For anyone not familiar with the game, the idea was to beat your opponent to near death with a variety of brutal moves. For example the character Scorpion would throw a harpoon at you and then drag you over to him so he could beat on you some more. Then when they were almost dead you’d be prompted to “Finish Him”, at which point you would perform a devastating fatality move. This ranged from Sub-Zero pulling your head and spine from your body to Kano ripping your heart out of your chest. Gruesome stuff!

[Mortal Kombat II auction]

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