Golden Tee for your Home

Twisted Supreme March 20, 2007 1


Found this on the Wal*Mart website, thought it was quite interesting that a main stream chain is selling home arcade cabinets, at pretty good prices might I add at $449.49 (well it looks a good price when you convert it to pounds sterling). That’s presuming the build quality is good, which it’s got to be because I’ve seen proper Golden Tee’sout of action due to some putting a little to much effort in to thier drive.

The Golden Tee Home Edition Arcade Gameplays the full arcade version of Golden Tee in 3-D. Select one of 3 beautifully-designed 18-hole golf courses, and the intuitive golf controls allows for hook, slices, backspins, long and short shots.

  • Reverse angle and instant replay camera views
  • Varying tee zones and pin positions
  • Adjustable difficulty settings
  • Easy assembly; no electronic set-up
  • 15″ full color monitor

Also available are Midway and Konami Home Arcade Cabinets.


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