Global VR and IFPA team up for Ultrapin Tournament

Twisted Supreme March 21, 2007 1


March 28th and 29th in LAS VEGAS

As part of the Amusement Showcase International Pinball Championships, the IFPA is excited to team up with Global VR to announce the first ever Ultrapin Tournament.

Who are the industry’s best pinball players? The 2007 Amusement Showcase International is pleased to announce the staging of an amazing spectacle for bragging rights in crowning the industry’s TOP PINBALL WIZARD. It is just one more attraction of what promises to be one of the best and most exciting ASI shows ever. ASI, along with the all new International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is sponsoring this can’t miss event, “The 1st Amusement Showcase International Pinball Championships.

[via RetroBlast]

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