South American Arcades

Twisted Supreme April 2, 2007 0

 This was sent to RetroBlast! from one of thier readers who is travelling about a bit. He was kind enough to send some photos of all the arcades he has found on his travels, looks like there’s more chance finding some old skool games out in South America than there is of me finding any around my area! Lucky git.

Hi guys,

Back on 07/17/06 I wrote in about arcades I’d seen in Dubai.  Well our 18 month holiday is coming to an end but I thought I’d email a few other images from Central and South America.

One is an arcade I saw around midnight in the very seedy bus terminal in Belize City, Belize.  I risked showing off (and having stolen!) my camera to snap this quick photo, before getting a taxi out of there.  Got to love their security hey?

The other is a little arcade, mainly full of fighting games like street fighter, that was in the market at Antigua, Guatemala.  Interesting to see arcades around the place.

And finally it’s not an arcade machine but heaps of Foosball tables in a plaza in Peru.  I took this on the Peru side of the Peru / Bolivia border.  They seem to love playing foosball in Peru, with tables just setup in the street.  Oh yeah you could also hire the toy cars in the background for your kids to play on.


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