World's Greatest Pinball Player '06

Twisted Supreme April 7, 2007 0


The IFPA have crowned Keith Elwin as World’s Greatest Pinball Player for 2006, the first ever recipient of the ” World’s Greatest Pinball Player” accolade following the formation of the IFPA’s rankings in April last year.

The award is given to the player with the most WPPR points at the end of the calendar year and Keith’s victory was officially announced at the beginning of January when the previous month’s scores were entered into the system.

The presentation took place at the recent Amusement Showcase International (ASI) show in Las Vegas where Keith was presented with a trophy by IFPA President Josh Sharpe and Directors Steve Epstein and Roger Sharpe.

Keith is also has a substantial lead in the 2007 rankings so far, with 482.75 versus the nearest challenger Trent Augenstein with 261.36 points.

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