Namco Museum DS Info

Twisted Supreme April 15, 2007 0


Namco Museum DS includes the following games:

Pac-Man VSwas originally released in 2003. Players could be the famous Ghosts from Pac-Man for the first time in the series. With one person playing as Pac-Man and up to three people playing as Ghosts, this fun multiplayer game can be played with just one game card.

Dig Dug II was originally released in 1987. Players, equipped with only a drill and a pump, must hit weak fault line points in an attempt to sink portions of an island sending their enemies into the sea.

Galaga was originally released in 1981 and sees players piloting a space ship, fending off swarms of bee-like aliens, trying their luck with “Challenging Stages,” and discovering the best way to deal with enemies’ powerful tractor beams.

Galaxianwas originally released in 1979 and was a precursor to Galaga. Players must destroy flying aliens as they attack in formation.

Mappywas originally released in 1983 and sees players controlling a police mouse named Mappy. Retrieve valuable items from the cats’ mansion but be prepared to bounce on trampolines and open or close doors to dodge chasing cats.

Pac-Manwas originally released in 1980 and is arguably one of the most popular arcade games of all time. Navigate Pac-Man through the original Pac-Man maze while avoiding ghosts, chomping pellets and fruit and using power pellets to turn the ghosts blue and get some payback!

Xevious was originally released in 1982 and sees players controlling a heavily armed fighter plane to destroy enemies and targets in the air and on the ground.

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