Tron and Prince of Persia Coming to XBLA

Twisted Supreme April 19, 2007 0


Two new entries appeared on the ESRB’s updated list today, which sound like additional Xbox Live Arcade titles. Prince of Persia has been rumored to come to the Xbox 360 sometime and somewhat confirming this rumor is a listing for Prince of Persia Classic with Ubisoft as the publisher. Probably more left wing is an entry for Discs of Tron, the second Tron arcade game released in 1983. In Discs of Tron you stand on a platform and throw discs at Sark to “derezz” him or push him off the platform. Since the game is pretty simple and the graphics are clearly dated, perhaps Disney Interactive is working on upgrading the arcade game sort of like how Konami added 3D graphics to Gyruss.

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