Stern Spider-Man Pinball Pre-Production Images

MetaFox May 1, 2007 0

Spider-Man Playfield has posted the first shots of the cabinet, playfield, and various playfield toys for Stern’s next pinball, Steve Ritchie’s Spider-Man.

Steve Ritchie is the designer of many pinball favorites including High Speed and Terminator 2.

The new Spider-Man pinball brings about more variety than most Stern pinballs, which is something that fans have been asking for, as it’s a three-flipper game, and has two “web-slingers” that shoot the ball up from the bottom of the playfield. Fans of the comic should be appeased as well as fans of the movies, as the game includes villians from all three movies, and the playfield toys seem to be inspired from both the art from the comics, as well as from the films.

The game features hundreds of crystal clear voice and sound calls from all of the major characters from all 3 Spider-Man movies, including custom speech from J.K. Simmons as the Daily Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson.

Note that since the images come from a pre-production machine, some aspects of the game may change before production.

Thanks to IcePagoda for the tip on our forum.

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