Hastings Pier Appeal Rejected

Twisted Supreme May 2, 2007 0

Now here in old blighty there’s one sure fire way to find some arcade action and that is to head to the seaside and find the pier. But sadly it appears another one has dropped of the map, I’m sure that certain piers will be around for many more years, but is it possible this could happen to any more of these national treasures, what would our coastal resorts be like without them?

[via ATE online] 

“An appeal against the closure of Hastings Pier by owners Ravenclaw has been rejected, causing speculation that it could now be closed for ‘years’. A council spokesperson said the judge at Lewes Crown Court had agreed with the local authority’s evidence that the pier was in a dangerous state and decided to keep the venue closed until magistrates decide otherwise.Ravenclaw Investment, along with the pier’s operator are due back in court in June to face charges of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act, as well as a damages claim from Stylus Sports, which is committing £200,000 to repairs under the piers premises, a move which could allow some of the smaller units at the front of the pier to reopen.”

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