Arcade Gaming, Doggy Style!

Twisted Supreme May 2, 2007 1

Just discovered this picture on the net, don’t know what to say, apart from it’s a dog walking game, or a treadmill if you will. My brain keeps telling me it’s a month late April Fools!

[via Tokyomango]

“This is me playing the dog walking game. This is arguably the most challenging arcade game I have ever played. Much more so than Beatmania or DDR (j/k, I so don’t play DDR) or Street Fighter II. Basically you have to walk on a treadmill while holding this white dog’s leash. Walk too fast, and he’ll get tired. Walk too slow, and he’ll get bored. And when obstacles like the neighborhood bully dog or a oncoming car shows up on the screen, you better steer clear! If you mess up, your dog dies.

I think my dog died in the first few minutes of me playing. In real life, however, I have a healthy 4 year old dog that I have no problem walking. So while this was fun (well, stressful) to play, I wouldn’t say it’s very realistic.”

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  1. Shaggy May 2, 2007 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    Haha, you have to love these crazy games that come out of the Japan. It’s almost as weird as the butt spanking game from Korea!

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