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Twisted Supreme May 7, 2007 0



Over at Barcade, Ryan Cravens has had the chance to get a hands on with Stern’s latest table Spiderman, read on…..

“I had the opportunity to play the Spider-Man pinball a couple of weeks ago and now I can talk about the game. This is the first Spider-Man pinball in nearly 30 years and this game is based on the first three movies based on the famous web-crawler. All villains that are in the movies are featured in this game and the headlining baddies are Sandman and Venom. Sorry ladies, Vulture is no where to be found in this game.  
The game was designed by Steve Ritchie and while I was only playing the white board version, the game was very easy to follow and a lot of fun to play. The basics of the game have you beating up all of the bad guys (Green Goblin, the Goblin, Doc Ock and the aforementioned evil-doers) by hitting their targets. There is quite a bit of dialogue from all of the movies and the stars have their pretty mugs all over the game. There are some figurines in the game but again, it was all in white mode, so I could not see the detail.  
The backglass looks very good and the art on the cabinet is pretty amazing (Spider-Man). My biggest issue with this game is that it came out right after Family Guy and in my opinion that is the best table that Stern has produced. Spider-Man is a great game for players of all ages and it will appeal to the casual Spidey fans to the hard-core comic book fans.”

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