Two King of Fighters MI Reg. A videos now available for download!

Shaggy May 24, 2007 3

You might remember that there is an official website out for the next KOF arcade game and they have just updated the site with two videos of the game in action! Personally I could do without the in-game narration, but to each his own. They also posted a layout of the control scheme with some other details that are in Japanese and posted several new character profiles!

The links on their site they offer require Windows Media Player and first download as .EXE files. To save you a trip (unless you want to check the website out) here are the direct links so you don’t have to deal with any .exe crap. Keep in mind that the videos themselves are not very high in quality – no HD content to speak of, but if you’ve been craving to see KOF MI Reg. A in action, then you probably won’t care. Click on the thumbnails below to begin your download.

Video 1 – That’s gonna leave a bruise! (4:14, 11MB WMV file)


Video 2 – Dojo battle – (4:03, 10MB WMV file)


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