Mobile Suit GUNDAM – Spirit of Zeon ADVANCE

Shaggy July 3, 2007 1

For now I would chalk this up to another Japan-only release (until we hear differently of course). The appearance of the cabinet looks like a stylized version of the Time Crisis 4 SD cabinet, with the addition of the machine guns. It is a light-gun game and it doesn’t look too bad but it would be cool to see them bring this outside of Japan as I’m sure there are enough fans that would really enjoy the game. It’s always fun to blow up giant robots!

Spirit of Zeon does have an official teaser site but it reveals nothing about the game. Perhaps it will before too long, I just hate these teaser sites that give us nothing. To make up for it here are a few pics I found on Dengeki Online(click to enlarge). UPDATE: Fixed the name of the game as it wasn’t ‘Spirits” but ‘Spirit. Also I need to point out that this is a Banpresto game with this title being a sequel to the GUNDAM game launched last year. The gun used on this cabinet uses an unusual multi-button system which looks to give the game a little more depth than simply pointing and shooting.

zeon1.jpg zeon02.jpg

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  1. strangeknight July 5, 2007 at 3:59 am - Reply

    Hope they sped up the dodging and made the rifle more ergonomic.

    Aw heck, I’d still play it though 😀

    Sieg Zeon!

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