High score save kits for your older games

Shaggy July 7, 2007 0

Have an old but good classic arcade cabinet lying around that you wish would save yourast-1.jpg high score on but can’t as the original hardware didn’t support such a feature? I’ve heard about these high score save kits before but it wasn’t until today that I came across a site that actually sells them. You can buy kits for Asteroids, BattleZone, Bosconian, Congo Bongo, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR., Donkey Kong 3, Frogger, Mario Bros., Popeye, Reactor(currently listed as out of stock), Super Pac-Man,  Xevious and Zaxxon. Looks like they are all $45 which isn’t bad if you want to save those scores. Some kits offer other features beyond just scores but that varies from game to game, for example it will extend the score limit on Asteroids to 9,999,990 and most offer a free play option for those games. I’ll definently have to pick one up for Zaxxon, once I get the monitor fixed (anyone have a Zaxxon monitor board handy BTW?).

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