Highway Games Update – Target Toss, Tekken 6 & Sonic Spinner

Twisted Supreme July 17, 2007 0


Here’s another three games added over at Highway Games.

Target Toss Pro Bags 

Target Toss Pro Bags is a new product based on the popular game of beanbag toss, otherwise known as “Bags” or “Cornhole”. Target Toss Pro Bags is a trackball-controlled arcade game that is as fun, challenging and as competitive as the real thing.

Sonic Spinner

Sonic Spinner is a one player ticket dispensing redemption game from SEGA. The game play is simple, with the player simply pressing a button to stop the spinner with the aim of landing on a high ticket payout.

Tekken 6

The latest installment in the popular fighting series is scheduled to be released later this year, with Namco revealing that the deluxe Tekken 6 cabinet will go on sale in early November, with the standard cabinet to be released in early December.

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