Gym uses arcade games to attract teens, train them

Shaggy July 18, 2007 0



In California, a new gym that is specifically designed for teens includes everything you would expect from any normal gym – minus one addition, arcade games. Out of these arcade games you will not find any racers, light-gun games or fighters, but more physical games that encourage teens to get a bit of a work out while having fun. While the exact games aren’t listed, they mention:

“It also tries to appeal to teens with an arcade featuring video games requiring kids to box, dance and jump”

They definently have DDR and probably also have some of Konami’s MoCap games, such as MoCap boxing. It reminds me of the days when you could find arcade machines practically anywhere, including places like a gym although that was used to just try and get some loose quarters of people and not considered one of the official activities of the establishment. It may not be a full arcade but I’m happy to see anything that pushes arcades and gets some kids out a little more.

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  1. pkakira88 July 20, 2007 at 2:06 am - Reply

    rofl the kids in the pic arnt even playing DDR.

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