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Twisted Supreme July 18, 2007 0


As an independent, dedicated arcade blog with very few one contact within the industry [Thanks to The Stinger Report], it can be hard to come across good stories before some of the mainstream consumer gaming blogs do.

What I’m suggesting is help us, help you. Any news, stories, events that you want to spread the word about, let us know. It helps us become bigger, and helps you get your latest news out to the masses!I’ve been amazed at how quickly this blog has grown, but in some ways I’m not surprised as there wasn’t really many dedicated arcade blogs out there. Compared to literally hundreds of console gaming blogs floating around.

I love the arcades but I’m neither an arcade expert nor a professional writer so big thanks has to go out to go out to Shaggy & Metafox who have helped me expand the blog with a wealth of knowledge that has proved insightful and very interesting.

There is all this talk of making the public more aware of the industry, so lets start doing it, whether you tell us or any other arcade blog out there, lets remind everyone that arcades are still out there, and are still a great place to have a great time, that you can not replicate in the home, no matter how many cheap plastic steering wheels or badly calibrated light guns you have!

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